A Solar System WebQuest for the Students at


You are an astronaut on a mission to another planet in our solar system. You will join a crew to gather information about your destination. When you become experts, you will voyage to this planet. After exploring it, you will contact Mission Control on Earth by cyber postcard to communicate your impressions and data.


Your job is to collect data about your planet. Your crew of astronauts will work as a team to collect this scientific information. You will need to show your data sheet to Mission Control before blast off. Data sheet.







Visit the resources above in the order listed which is the same order as the worksheet. Answer each question on the worksheet from the information you find in your resources.

Teacher Tips

Whenever you finish with a resource, be sure to click on the BACK button in the upper left corner to get back to the webquest.


This worksheet is worth 100 points. Do a good job!!


There is still lots to find out about our own Solar System. As we learn more about our Solar System, we will learn more about how our very own planet formed. Keep an eye on the newspaper and read about the latest discoveries about the Solar System.